Berserk Fury

The Beserk Fury is a hard Zoid to build and is definitely worth it. It has a pack that is the motor and can be set to walk or charge up for a particle blast. It has three particle guns and two laser guns plus six long blades. It is truly a great model and is good for expert builders especially for the upgrade storm unit thing with two blades like that of the Geno Breaker.

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Cannon Tortise

A coil spring wind up zoid. When wound up it walks and its head goes in and out of its body. For its size it is a real pain to put together! Makes the liger look easy. Its motor cannon can be moved up and down along with the two side ???MM cannons. Hard to break if you like to play with them. Has a radar behind the Motor for when it some to long bombing it will do it. Still for its speed and size…. It is a good zoid to have on your side. Not a must have zoid but, its is a good one to buy.

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Command Wolf AC

The Command Wolf ac is an awesome model. It is blue and ac means "attack custom." It comes with two weapons-the original command wolf gun and a double barrel long range gun. It is neat because it comes with two boosters that you put on the the rear legs. It is really cool as it has two speeds. For example, the Lightning Saix's head down is when he is slow like he is sniffing the ground and his head up is fast walking. His head moves up and down same with the neck and the tail moves up and down. A very neat model just get it!!

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Dark Spinner

This is a very sweet Zoid. It has a wide range of movement. The foot locks can be raised or lowered, along with the sail and leg vents. The cockpit opens with the head armor going forward and the view port opening backwards. The claws open and close and the hands move up and down. The shoulder cannons and sail cannons can move up and down. When it’s turned on in it’s normal stage, it walks quiet nicely, much better than most Zoids this size, though it’s a bit slow. As it walks, the spines wave back and forth, the tail swings, and the mouth opens and closes. When you lean the Spiner forwards and raise it’s sail, the spines move. giving the Spiner an interesting appearance when turned on in attack mode. I have only one complaint about the entire Zoid. The way the legs and arms are connected, one leg will stick out slightly. It’s not noticeable unless you’re up close, but it’s still a bit annoying to look at. Don’t bother to try fixing it. Three time trying, and nothing changed. But be ready for a long haul. It took me 3 1/2 hours to put the Dark Spiner together. But the Zoid is well worth it in the long run.

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Geno Breaker

The Geno Breaker is a really cool model. It has several different features including: red light up eyes, fully poseable cutter blade pack, moving talons which open and close, two four rocket or laser things (not quite sure which), poseable head spike, anchors, and rear ankle mounted thrusters. Comes with several weapons 1 the blade pack, dual barrel 180mm cannons 2 head spike, small head gun, larger head gun 3 rocket laser gun thingy 4 particle cannon, and  5 the obvious teeth and talons. This is a tuff model but its really really cool once its built right. I give it a 10 out of 5!!!

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The Gunsniper is a lightweight coilspring activated model. It is easy to put together. It has a light beam cannon on its chest, 2 triple barrel gattling guns on its arms, two 8 shot missile pods on its back, and last but not least a high powered sniper rifle. It has a key to the wind up mechanism. It is a very neat and cheap model you should get the wild weasel unit for it!

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A bit more complex than your usual deluxe Zoid. This kit requires patience when putting it together. The area around the rear legs overlap, so things can get a little annoying during assembly. Also, be prepared to disassemble the Heldigunner. The jaw might be in wrong when you assemble it and it will lock in place. (This happened to me) Other than that, have glue handy for the rubber hoses that come with the Heldigunner. They may split. (One of mine did) After that, be ready to hassle Hasbro about replacement parts. The cons aside, this is a very cool Zoid. Believe it or not, it’s longer than the Shield Liger. The gun on the tail rotates and the main cannon moves in a kind of recoil action as the Heldigunner walks. As I said, this is a cool Zoid.

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Killer Dome

The Killer Dome crab type is a simple model to build. The hardest part is the claws but that's cake. Its actually a great model...despite the simplicity. Its features include 4 barrel gatling gun, moving claws and feet and a wheel..... yes a wheel it doesn't move unless you spin its head. Its greatest feature of all is its ability to conjoin with the Dark Spiner (my lifelong nemesis of model section editing) zoid. It just hooks on in place of the spine sail. There aren't any cps or any place to put any weapons but its still cool.

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Konig Wolf

The Konig wolf is obviously a wolf type. It is kind of easy but not simple it is actually pretty complicated. Its features include the obvious ability to walk, tail moves, and when on his fan rotates, yes it has a fan, which is right on his back, and  he has a scope that folds up and down. The hardest part of the model was the leg armor, its got a lot more than meets the eye, and it has two cps!! Which  can both be equipped at the same time!!! The first is a dual sniper cannon that sets on to his back, the second is the missile pods that go on  his legs!!! This is a great model!!!


Liger Zero

One of the most and well known of the zoids, the zoid of that Bit Cloud pilots. It is battery operated. It comes with a double impact cannon on its chest and 30mm single shot beam rifle on its tail. The cockpit opens up for a good view in side it. The two wings on its side come down and the booster flaps go up and the booster them self’s come out. The two head guards open up and make it look like it will do the “Strike Lazer Claw”. It’s a must have zoid. With the 3 other armors is will make any warrior like it.

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Lightning Saix

Now this is an extremely sweet Zoid. It’s easy to put together and very durable. For a Zoid of it’s size, it’s not extremely complex. Mostly because the main body is on solid piece. The only pieces I would worry about are the stabilizers and gun barrels. The Zoid has two speeds. It quiet fast with the tail down, but it moves even faster when you put the tail up in the air. The gun moves up and down, along with the head. The cockpit opens outwards and the mouth opens. It’s claws are cool since you can chose whether or not you want them open or not. The only thing I have against the Zoid is that, when it’s walking, the pieces that allow the legs motion will sometimes ‘jump the track’. What I mean is you’ll get a nasty clicking noise. Don’t worry about it though, you don’t have to rebuild the Zoid. It’s a natural problem. This aside, I recommend this Zoid to anyone who likes it, and for the diehard collector, or for anyone who just thinks it’s cool. I know I like the Zoid!

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Your basic small Zoid model. Pretty easy to build and good quality. Very few rough spots in the building process. I think they where in the wing movement assembly. Or around that area. Got this thing back in January, so. Very limited movement. The head and missile pods rotate. The wings do flap, but if you want to do that, with little effort, ya gotta wind the Pteras up. Walks well compared to other smaller Zoids. (i.e. Rev Raptor, Gun Sniper) And for anyone who doesn't already know, the Pteras and Stealth(Venomous in the US) share the same heads. Like I said, this is a good quality Zoid. It’ll go good in anyone’s collection.

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The Raynos is a high speed Zoid that is second only to the Storm Sworder. I believe it reaches mach 3.3. Anyways it is green and looks really cool. It has a radar on the back area, a six barrel weapon on the chest, and two weapons on the mid tail section of the Zoid. It is fairly simple to put together. It operates on a coilspring motor. To bad it does not really fly. You can buy the 4 barrel missile launcher unit to put on its back in place of the radar and put the radar on the bottom peg. It is a deluxe model and looks very good.

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Saber Tiger

The Saber Tiger is an awesome model! It has six different guns and two neat features, (well not really features) an ammo crate on the triple barrel shock cannon next to the machine gun plus a radar on the left side of the main beam. Gunsheres the weapons, triple barrel shock cannons, machine gun, two beam guns, two other medium guns, land missiles, and the top double barrel beam gun. The American version is yellow but the Japanese one is red. You can get the hard to find flight pack for your saber tiger. Really an awesome Zoid model.

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Shield Liger

The Shield Liger is a good quality kit. It’s fairly simple to assemble. Most of it is very straight forward. Except for the legs. They were a bit confusing, but that was probably because this was the first larger sized Zoid I’ve put together. Word to the wise though. FILE DOWN ANY EXCESS PLASTIC. Otherwise, the Zoid will not walk properly. Kind of limited in the possibility department though. Only the missile pods, back gun, tail, shield generators, and cockpit move freely. Everything else is controlled by the motor. My only complaints are that the Liger doesn’t stand very well. That and the way the head is connected. It sits on an angle, making it look like the model’s been damaged.

And for you customization freaks, the Shield Liger allows quite a few weapons to be added to it. Plus, for anyone willing to order them offline, there is a set of two heavy beam cannons out that can be placed on the Liger where the missile pods would sit. Makes the Liger looks even nastier than the Mad Thunder. In my opinion at least.

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Spino Sapper

The Spino Sapper is a neat zoid for its cool appearance and weapons. Many people have said it has a lack of ranged weapons but I disagree. It has two chainsaws as its main weapons, comes with a laser excavator, and is equipped with 2 unknown weapons in the mouth and on the belly plus a grenade launcher or something on its tail. It really looks good and operates on a coilspring windup motor. The grenade launcher is the key to the mechanism. It is really a cool model.

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The Warshark is an awesome model. It comes with three foam blocks to make it float and it can actually swim in the water. It has one 8 shot rocket pod and 2 beam cannons. It is pretty hard to put the tail together, but I love this model. It is not a Neo Warshark; however,  it is still real cool.

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