Chaotic Century

In the far reaches of the Universe there exists the planet Zi. This planet is not only inhabited by humans, but also, mechanical life forms called Zoids. Sadly a peaceful existence is not the case. There is continued unrest between the Republican and Imperial forces...each trying to overthrow the other using the strength of their Zoids as combat weapons.

Enter Van: a young boy drawn into the Chaos when he discovers an Organoid (organic Zoid) he names Zeke, and a young girl (Fiona) encapsulated in the old abandoned ruins. After releasing them, he sets out on a quest to help Fiona regain her memories and to search for the mysterious Zoid Eve. During their journeys they are introduced to many colorful friends and evil enemies. Each episode presents another exciting try not to miss any!

Guardian Force

The war between the Empire and Republicans has been over for a few years, however, there is still those hostile individuals causing unrest on the planet Zi. To ensure peace and stability, a joint task group called the Guardian Force is developed. Van, Fiona, Zeke, and eventually Lt. Thomas Richard Shubaltz make up this heroic force. Each dedicated to wiping out those who use their Zoids for evil intentions, and thus maintaining a peaceful existance for the inhabitants of Zi.

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